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Gluten gets a bad rap these days. Modern culture demonizes carbs, and gluten (oddly enough, being a protein) is often associated with this category. Gluten is incredibly hard for humans to digest. Remember wheat is a seed, that contains the building blocks of life. But those nutrients must be germinated (fermented) in nature for the plant to flourish. During sourdough fermentation, a culture of bacteria and yeast work symbiotically to transform the grain. Bacteria and yeasts feast on the endosperm (carbohydrate or sugars in its basic form) and produce lactic acid and carbon dioxide. These lactic acid bacteria lower the PH of the grain which acts as a natural preservative and prevent spoilage. During fermentation, lactic acid cultures thrive and...

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A Note About Grain

I'm captivated with the simplicity of bread. Some of the most humble ingredients used in the kitchen can be transformed into outstanding food with technique and finesse. My focus is to put as much attention to sourcing quality grain as I would sourcing the best tomatoes or other produce. It defines the taste and character of my bread. The large scale global food system, first and foremost, works to produce wheat that conforms to industrial agriculture practises. Breeding for disease resistance and stability is important for farming to be economical. In my opinion, discovering the balance in those qualities along with a focus on flavour and nutrient density is critical for the best food. The fragrence of the flour I...

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